[Chameleon] PrintProduction Widget

Jessica Fendos Jessica.Fendos at state.mn.us
Mon Apr 16 13:40:36 EDT 2007

Hi list:
Could someone tell me how to set the max width of legend when using
PrintProduction widget? I reduced the font size and it works OK for
short  layer/class names. However, I could not get the long layer
sub title  to wrap around.  Currently, this layer sub title is
specified using a "dummy class name" for a bunch of classes as in
2004 Mortgage Originations.... Also, I discovered that the default
layer (county) does not get drawn in PrintProduction as in
LegendTemplate. In addition, Class expressions such as state
highway, US highway, and county roads got drawn in the
PrintProduction but not in LegendTemplate. Is there a way I can make
them behave the same? In advance, thank you for your time. 
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