[Chameleon] RE: CWCJSAPI error

Hendi.Novianto at holcim.com Hendi.Novianto at holcim.com
Wed May 9 00:06:56 EDT 2007

Dear Jacob.

Thanks for your help, for now locate by attribute and cwcjsapi run very
well, the problem was in my file "php.ini"  and "chameleon.xml" i have
change the parameter "BETA" to "ALPHA"

      <description>This option controls the widgets that will be available
to chameleon applications.  Only widgets at or above the configured level
will be accessible.  Levels in increasing order of maturity are: UNKNOWN,
Chameleon documentation for a description of these maturity levels.

 in chameleon xml it make  cwcjsapi can run normally.
i make change in my php.ini file, switch on the log error syntax  and
switch off notice  syntax, now my log files can be run well.

Thanks for your help and your explanation, you're so experienced.

Bers Regards

Hendi Novianto

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