[Chameleon] Zoom Box and ExpressionBuilder

Jonathan Voss jonathan.voss at uni.edu
Mon Nov 26 14:07:40 EST 2007

I am working on a Chameleon based web application, and I'm pretty new to 
Chameleon.  I've had pretty good luck modifying the sample applications 
to my needs.  However, I currently have two problems that I can't figure 

Here is the current address of my project.

First, the Zoom In tool does not draw a red box.  When I point the 
sample JSAPI apps to my Mapfile, the Zoom tool works right, but for what 
ever reason, mine doesn't.  I'm sure it's something silly that you guys 
will know.

Here is the code that defines the Zoom In tool.
                <cwc2 type="ZoomIn" visible="true" imagetip="Zoom In" 
                    toolset="Navigation" styleresource="TextButtons" 
label="Zoom In">
                    <image state="normal"/>
                    <image state="hover"/>
                    <image state="selected"/>

Secondly, the ExpressionBuilder button doesn't seem to work right at 
all.  The second "Counties" layer is referring to the WFS service 
provided by the "Counties" layer right above it.  I've sort of debugged 
the problem a little bit, and it seems the geometry attribute is 
msGeometry gml:GeometryPropertyType instead of anything useful.  Also, 
the select SLD bit doesn't seem to work at all.

Here is the code that defines the Build Filter tool.
                <cwc2 type="ExpressionBuilder" visible="true" 
styleresource="TextButtons" label="Build Filter" 
image="icons/icon_expression_build.png" imagetip="Build Filter 
Expression" popupwidth="700" popupheight="500" toolbar="false" 
status="false" menubar="false" wildcard="@" singlechar="." escape="!">
                    <image state="normal"/>
                    <image state="selected"/>
                    <image state="hover"/>
                    <style name="Blue Points" 
sld="[$gszAppWebPath$]/styles.sld" namedlayer="point" layertype="point"/>
                    <style name="Blue Lines" 
sld="[$gszAppWebPath$]styles.sld" namedlayer="line" layertype="line"/>
                    <style name="Blue Polygons" 
sld="[$gszAppWebPath$]styles.sld" namedlayer="polygon" layertype="polygon"/>

Any help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.


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