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Buchholz, Robert Robert.Buchholz at
Mon Oct 22 05:10:31 EDT 2007

>I tested with exactly the same ms4w and Chameleon packages (I only
changed Apache port number) on Windows.  It works out of the box.  I'm
puzzled right 
>now to what might be the problem.
>I know that I already asked if you have any PHP errors but you sent me
the Apache error messages.  I'm going to ask you again to check that.  
>In order to display the PHP errors you have to edit the php.ini file in
>set the errors reporting to be:
>error_reporting  =  E_ALL
>set the errors logging on:
>log_errors = On
>set the errors logging file name to be:
>Verify the error messages in this file above.

Hey Norm,

sorry for late reply, I was on holidays,
I changed the php.ini file at c:\ms4w\apache\cgi-bin.

LINE 305 now states: 
error_reporting = E_ALL

LINE 323 states:
display_errors = On

LINE 333 now states:
log_errors = On

LINE 379 now states:
error_log = "c:\temp\phperrors.log"

(I have not folder "tmp" but "temp"!)
I did make a restart, cleaning for cache and cockies, aktualize.

Do the same proceedure like:
-open Firefox
-goto applications
-sample applications
-OGC Widgets
-visualise all layers
-zoom to full extent
I think than I schould get an error message at the file "phperrors.log"
in "c:\temp".
But there is not such a file! 

The Chameleon Tools->ErrorReport states still ->no error(s).


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