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Normand Savard nsavard at
Wed Oct 24 10:01:58 EDT 2007

Buchholz, Robert wrote:

>Hey Norm,
>sorry for late reply, I was on holidays,
>I changed the php.ini file at c:\ms4w\apache\cgi-bin.
>LINE 305 now states: 
>error_reporting = E_ALL
>LINE 323 states:
>display_errors = On
>LINE 333 now states:
>log_errors = On
>LINE 379 now states:
>error_log = "c:\temp\phperrors.log"
>(I have not folder "tmp" but "temp"!)
>I did make a restart, cleaning for cache and cockies, aktualize.
>Do the same proceedure like:
>-open Firefox
>-goto applications
>-sample applications
>-OGC Widgets
>-visualise all layers
>-zoom to full extent
>I think than I schould get an error message at the file "phperrors.log"
>in "c:\temp".
>But there is not such a file! 
>The Chameleon Tools->ErrorReport states still ->no error(s).

I didn't answer because I have no more idea on what may cause the 
problem.  If someone have an idea feel free to jump in.

Did you try to install ms4w with Chameleon on another Windows machine?


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