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Buchholz, Robert Robert.Buchholz at
Wed Oct 24 10:53:42 EDT 2007

>>Buchholz, Robert wrote:
>>Hey Norm,
>>sorry for late reply, I was on holidays, I changed the php.ini file at

>>LINE 305 now states: 
>>error_reporting = E_ALL
>>LINE 323 states:
>>display_errors = On
>>LINE 333 now states:
>>log_errors = On
>>LINE 379 now states:
>>error_log = "c:\temp\phperrors.log"
>>(I have not folder "tmp" but "temp"!)
>>I did make a restart, cleaning for cache and cockies, aktualize.
>>Do the same proceedure like:
>>-open Firefox
>>-goto applications
>>-sample applications
>>-OGC Widgets
>>-visualise all layers
>>-zoom to full extent
>>I think than I schould get an error message at the file
>>in "c:\temp".
>>But there is not such a file! 
>>The Chameleon Tools->ErrorReport states still ->no error(s).
>I didn't answer because I have no more idea on what may cause the
problem.  If someone have an idea feel free to jump in.
>Did you try to install ms4w with Chameleon on another Windows machine?

Hello Norn, List,

Thanks for your answer and time you spend. Do you think I did the
configuration of php.ini right? I wonder why the file "phperrors.log"
not get created?
I did not try to install on another machine, but i will ...

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