[Chameleon] Change layer status

Alexys Herleym Rodriguez Avellaneda alexys_6 at yahoo.es
Thu Feb 14 20:16:05 EST 2008

Hi, i don't know about session mapfile, i am reading something. In the folder \ms4w\tmp\sess_47b4dcb872717 i read this file: session_file, but i don´t see nothing about Municipios, what i can see or search?. 

I put that code inside one widget based on the widget QuickZoom.

The application doesn't send errors. And the copies of the layers work and show fine.

Could please give more tips, in that moment i need to leave classroom, i don´t have internet in my house.



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Where do you put that code?

If you change a layer of the MapObject it should display correctly. Did 
you checked in your session mapfile?


Alexys Herleym Rodriguez Avellaneda wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I have the next case.
> I use this code for a current layer in the map:
> $oMap = $this->moMapObject->oMap;
> $oLayer = $oMap->getLayerByName("Municipios");
> if ($oLayer->status == MS_OFF || $oLayer->status == MS_DEFAULT)
>            {$oLayer->set("status", MS_ON);}
> But the layer Municipios still is off (th layer doen't show).
> By other side i do a copy of the layer Municipios y that work fine, i 
> mean the new layer apper and is on:
> $oHighlight = ms_newLayerObj($oMap, $oLayer);
> $oHighlight->set("name", $oLayer->"Municipios_copy");
> $oHighlight->set("status", MS_ON);
> I need to send another command to refresh in the case the layer already 
> exist?
> Thanks
> Alexys H
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