[Chameleon] XMLThemeLegend Domcollapse

Jessica Fendos Jessica.Fendos at state.mn.us
Mon Jun 9 14:38:23 EDT 2008

Hi list:
Has anyone had success implementing XMLThemeLegend in a way that
the groups under each theme can expand and collapse individually? I
added a domcollapse.js script in the .html file and a trigger
statement in .css and render.html as below but resulting in
collapsing the whole legend layer. Could someone provide some
guidance? Thank you. 
[repeat theme]
<h3 class="trigger">
    <td BGCOLOR="#dddddd" width="20">[theme_input]</td>
    <td BGCOLOR="#dddddd" colspan="3"><span
  [repeat group]
    [if group_theme_id = theme_id]
      [if group_visible = "true"]
          <td width="20">&nbsp;</td>
          <td width="20">[group_input]</td>
          <td width="20"><img src="[group_icon]"></td>
          <td><span class="label">[group_name]</span></td>
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