[Chameleon] tabbed browsing within the application

Tony Baylis tony.baylis at resexmap.com.au
Tue May 12 01:11:59 EST 2009

Hi all,

I wish to have a tabbed browsing experience within my application using 
css and <ul>, <li>.  I am having trouble passing the page ID I set in my 
initialisation files through to the body id tag of my template file.

The process I am using is to set the tabs up using html and the css.  
Each tab is assigned an initialize.php file named according to the theme 
of the data displayed. Each has the required map file and page ID 
variable assigned within.  When I click on the tab the correct map is 
displayed but as the page ID is not passed to the template file for use 
within the body ID tag, the colour of the tab does not change.  If I 
hard code the body ID in the template, the tab colour displays for that 
tab but does not of course move when I click on another tab to change to 
another map.

I hope this isn't to difficult to understand but I find it difficult to 
explain in text.
Any ideas?


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