[FGS] Base updates

Tyler Mitchell tjmitchell at riverside.bc.ca
Fri Jun 18 17:24:01 EDT 2004

> I have gotten into the practice of writing a "fgs_configure" and 
> script for each package I build and install.  At their simpliest the
> fgs_configure is just "configure --prefix=/home/fgs/fgs-pkgs/base" and 
> install one is "make install", but it gives a place to do required hacks 
> some packages.  For the ODBC client things are quite special since I 
> install the client libraries (and include files).

Good tips, I've got Python23 compiled. 

Any suggestion for folder structure for additional packages, i.e. python? 
Should we create a couple trees (base, app, support?) with subfolders for 
each program, i.e. app/openev, app/mapserver, support/python, support/gtk. 
 I'm wondering where we should toss python into /home/fgs..

> shell account to "chmod g+r ~/." so that others can browse into your
> directories to find out how you do stuff.


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