[FGS] Status / httpd / etc

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 19 02:00:27 EDT 2004

> > This script installs my FGS modules to run mapserver + php_mapscript
> > 4.2.2. There is also instructions to test the installed system with a
> > nice demo application.

Got the demo working as per instructions.  Great.

> I have confirmed it works with on my RedHat 8 system - sweet!

And mine is SuSE 9.1.

> I notice (like many packagers who include GDAL and PROJ) you omitted
> to include the contents of the GDAL data directory (ie. pcs.csv) or
> the PROJ.4 support files.

I assume these should be going under $FGS_HOME/share/gdal and share/proj, 

> Does the GDAL build you prepared have any relationship to the what I
> prepared for the fgs-base package or are all your packages ones you built
> yourself seperate from the build setup on maxine?  

I'm wondering the same thing about my packages, postgresql and postgis.  Since 
I get an library error launching postgres, I'm not sure who to talk to - 
myself or you :)

> While an impressive job 
> has been done on Apache, MapServer and the install scripts, I feel like you
> have left the rest of us behind a bit.

Guillaume, can you fill us in on the necessary details so we can catch up?  
I'd like to make my packages available with this method - it's quite nice - 
but I don't know where to start.


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