[FGS] Mapscript/TCL and MSWorkBench

Dave Sampson gis at watersheds.ca
Mon Jul 4 10:47:27 EDT 2005

Nikos, Daniel (and anyone else interested in .MAP file development)

Thanks for the update Nikos... Daniel, how can the tclnmapscript be 
compiled against an installed fgs? Is it possible to include it as a 
module? I worked hard to move out of MS4W and into FGS...

Nikos, is there much difference between a mapfile in MS4.01 VS 4.4? MS 
4.4 is our current environment.

How hard is it to modify msworkbench to work with newer MS or for custom 
apps? I hear TCLTK is friendly for the non-programer.

The metadata tools I use from USGS has a nice ability to drag and drop 
chunks of metadata.. is this possible to drag and drop specific layers 
in the msworkbench?  This would help increase productivity when 
transfering large base maps.

Thanks for the response, I think this project may server the MS 
community well from a data managers ' and GIS tech's point of view. More 
time creating maps, less time spotting silly typing errors or ommitting 
crucial object requirements.

> Daniel Morissette wrote:
>> Dave Sampson wrote:
>>> Came across an interesting project called Mapserver Workbench at 
>>> http://msworkbench.sourceforge.net/
>>> it is described as, and I quote "A set of cooperative tools for 
>>> development of MapServer <http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu> web mapping 
>>> applications."
>>> One of the requirements for the Tcl/TK applications to work require 
>>> mapscript/TCL. I couldn't compile from source because i'm using the 
>>> FGS and mapserver is a bin package (I assume) .  Would it be 
>>> possible to have an FGS module for mapscript/tcl?
>>> These tools might be a good replacement to the defunct maplab which 
>>> is not provided through FGS.
>> Actually, I don't think MS Workbench has been actively maintained in 
>> years, the last release on the SourceForge site dates from 2001, 
>> which is around the last time we heard of it. This was in the days of 
>> MapServer 3.4-3.6, so even if you could build MapScript/Tcl, it is 
>> unlikely that MS Workbench would be of much help with recent 
>> MapServer releases.
>> Daniel
> Hi Daniel, Dave,
> I have built a static tclmapscript for Windows, against MS4.01. I also 
> revamped the msworkbench code to use Itcl, a more "modern-popular" 
> object system for tcl. We use msworkbench to quickly build maps from 
> shape file sources...
> I have not tried whether it will correctly produce map files entries 
> for other data sources, e.g postgis (the tclmapscript I built does 
> correctly access postgis data though) It does produce ms4.x mapfiles...
> $ ./mapserv.exe -v
> MapServer version 4.0.1 OUTPUT=GIF OUTPUT=JPEG OUTPUT=PDF 
> I also revamped the html templates to produce "nicer" interface. A 
> snap of this default interface is at. The forms on the bottom are 
> application specific and were added later..
> -[Development link ommited, if need is necesitated perhaps a link can 
> be created outside a DEV env.]-
> IIUC, the msworkbench I built should work directly for linux, assuming 
> the appropriate tclmapscript is built.
> As I posted previously, I believe that one should link against tcl8.3 
> (which is ok..). I have not tried building anything newer than 4.01...
> Anyway, let me know if you want the msworkbench stuff and I'll put it 
> up somewhere..
> Additionally, I can make a zip file of my msys build directory should 
> anyone want to continue with tclmapscript for windows..
> I personally would like to see tclmapscript get aligned with the 
> current ms release. Building for win with msys was a real pita, so 
> maybe a binary should be included...
> If you want forward this to the lists, but take out the url above as 
> its a dev machine and cant handle too much activity..
> regards.
> nicolas

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