[FGS] Mapscript/TCL and MSWorkBench

Nikos nicolas at maich.gr
Tue Jul 5 02:34:54 EDT 2005

Dave Sampson wrote:

> Nikos, Daniel (and anyone else interested in .MAP file development)
> Thanks for the update Nikos... Daniel, how can the tclnmapscript be 
> compiled against an installed fgs? Is it possible to include it as a 
> module? I worked hard to move out of MS4W and into FGS...
> Nikos, is there much difference between a mapfile in MS4.01 VS 4.4? MS 
> 4.4 is our current environment.

I am not sure...I think the MS guys can answer this better

> How hard is it to modify msworkbench to work with newer MS or for 
> custom apps? I hear TCLTK is friendly for the non-programer.

It kinda depends...I was under the impression (at least 2 years ago) 
that the mapfile format from 3.6 onwards was more or less "frozen"...I 
do not know if ther are drastic mapfile changes after 4.0.1.

Custom apps, IMHO, is the whole point of mapscript, e.g map enable an 
application. Msworkbench is an example of this.....

> The metadata tools I use from USGS has a nice ability to drag and drop 
> chunks of metadata.. is this possible to drag and drop specific layers 
> in the msworkbench?  This would help increase productivity when 
> transfering large base maps.

What are you using, mp?tkMe? Are you running S/R system?



> Thanks for the response, I think this project may server the MS 
> community well from a data managers ' and GIS tech's point of view. 
> More time creating maps, less time spotting silly typing errors or 
> ommitting crucial object requirements.
>> Daniel Morissette wrote:
>>> Dave Sampson wrote:
>>>> Came across an interesting project called Mapserver Workbench at 
>>>> http://msworkbench.sourceforge.net/

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