[FGS] [Fwd: Problem with postgres]

José Antonio Jiménez Berni berni at supercable.es
Mon Feb 20 12:29:12 EST 2006

Hi, I've installed the latest version of FGS 0.2 (February 8, 2006).
I've solved some problems related with Postgis which caused some crashes 
with the former version but now I've got a new problem.
When I've installed the php_pgsql-module version 4.3.11 it seems that 
there is some kind of conflict since I cannot get the module running and 
I get the following message from the error_log:

PHP Warning: Unknown(): Unable to load dynamic library
'/opt/fgs/www/lib/php4/php_pgsql.so' -
/opt/fgs/www/lib/php4/php_pgsql.so: undefined symbol: php_regcomp in
Unknown on line 0

Any help? Are there plans to recompile the php_pgsql module to fit to
the new version of FGS?


Jose A.

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