[FGS] Starting apache error: httpd cannot execute binary file

Hao Zhang hao at zhang.nu
Wed Nov 4 05:34:09 EST 2009

Hi Norm,

You are right. I investigated the error myself before receiving your answer
yesterday and found the same clue as you gave which is to compile php in
debug mode. What I did is to simply edit fgs-dev/pkg_def/php/fgs_build file
to enable the flag "--enable-debug". Then it will go through that
install-pear-installer Segmentation fault error. I did try PHP 5.3.0 but it
will encounter the same issue if not compiling in debug mode. The version of
php I built is 5.2.11.

Then I started building mapserver 5.4.2, but when it came to compile in the
directory mapscript/php3, it encountered a lot of "undefined reference to"
errors and aborted. Then I tried to build mapserver 5.2.1 instead and
luckily it did not encounter any error and well built.

After mapserver 5.2.1 was built, I continued building python_mapscript
module. But it encountered compile error such as:
[... ...]
+ Creating new package in /home/FGS/fgs-dev/modules/python_mapscript-module.
+ Copying skeleton from
/home/FGS/fgs-dev/pkg_def/python_mapscript/module.skeleton to
cp: cannot stat `build/lib.linux-i686-2.5/_mapscript.so': No such file or
! ./fgs_install: Fatal error returned, exiting...
! /home/FGS/fgs-dev/bin/fgs_build_pkg.sh: Fatal error returned, exiting...
! /home/FGS/fgs-dev/bin/fgs_build_all.sh: Fatal error returned, exiting...

I found the cause of this error is that in
fgs-dev/pkg_def/python_mapscript/fgs_build file, "lib.linux-i686" is
indicated. So command 'cp build/lib.linux-i686-2.5/_mapscript.so' will fail
because the correct directory should be 'build/lib.linux-sparc64-2.5' which
depends on my target sparc64 system. Thus, I modified this fgs_build file
and python_mapscript module is well built.

After all these neccessary modules finally get built successfully, I start
to run command "fgsdev build_si mapserver_basic_5.2.1 1.0.1
fgs-agg-lib-2.4-linux-sparc64.tar.gz _module_name_N_ ..." to build self
installer containing all the modules needed. But at this time, I encounter
the final error:

* Creating archive file containing all required FGS modules...
+ Including base module... ok
! Module 'fgs-agg-lib-2.4-linux-sparc64.tar.gz' doesn't have VERSION file
or maybe this is because the
name of the module is wrong (verify in '/home/FGS/fgs-dev/modules')
! /home/FGS/fgs-dev/bin/fgsdev: Fatal error returned, exiting...
* Creating self-extracting archive script

* Self installer image created with success in
* Versions info file is

Could you help me to point out what could be the root cause of this error?


On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 4:12 PM, Normand Savard <nsavard at mapgears.com> wrote:

> Hao Zhang wrote:
>> Installing PEAR environment:      /home/FGS/fgs-dev/built/php/lib/php/
>> make[1]: *** [install-pear-installer] Segmentation fault
>> make: *** [install-pear] Error 2
>> ! ./fgs_install: Fatal error returned, exiting...
>> ! /home/FGS/fgs-dev/bin/fgs_build_pkg.sh: Fatal error returned, exiting...
>> ! /home/FGS/fgs-dev/bin/fgs_build_all.sh: Fatal error returned, exiting...
>>  Hao,
> I have never met such problem before but I found on google that it may
> depend on the compiler or the php version.  To have a clue of what is
> happening you could compile php in debug mode:
> in fgs-dev/src/php_version/
> ./fgs_build --debug
> ./fgs_install
> or you could try to use PHP 5.3.0 to see if you meet the same issue.
> http://www.mail-archive.com/php-bugs@lists.php.net/msg102985.html
> Norm
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