[FWTools] problems with openev

Duane Ward Duane.Ward at pnl.gov
Fri Jan 21 17:51:28 EST 2005

I am a new user of fwtools and have run into a problem.  I unpacked the 
gzipped tarball(FWTools-0.9.4.tar.gz) on a Linux machine and ran the 
install.sh script without error.  When I go to run the gui openev I get 
the following errors:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/dlw/tmp/FWTools-0.9.4/bin/../pymod/openev.py", line 77, in ?
    import gviewapp
  File "/home/dlw/tmp/FWTools-0.9.4/bin/../pymod/gviewapp.py", line 136, 
in ?
    import gview
  File "/home/dlw/tmp/FWTools-0.9.4/bin/../pymod/gview.py", line 4365, in ?
  File "/home/dlw/tmp/FWTools-0.9.4/bin/../pymod/gview.py", line 4201, 
in get_preference
  File "/home/dlw/tmp/FWTools-0.9.4/bin/../pymod/gview.py", line 4242, 
in load_preferences
    set_preference( string.strip(name), string.strip(value) )
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/string.py", line 85, in strip
    return s.strip(chars)
TypeError: strip() takes no arguments (1 given)

All the other installed programs seem to be working okay.  Does anyone 
have an ideas as to what might be happening?

Duane Ward

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