[FWTools] using FWTools; need to recompile mapserv

Jeff de La Beaujardiere jeff2005 at svs.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Jun 7 09:55:47 EDT 2005

scott bortman wrote:
> Just out of curiousity,  what platform are you running on?

Fedora Core 3

> And, what "extras" do you need?

I am just now trying to determine that out. I had been using the FWTools 
"kitchen sink" approach, but that seems to be more than I need.  My 
input data are all raster images in 4-channel PNG or TIFF format using 
longitude-latitude coordinates. My requirements are WMS support 
(requires PROJ4, it seems); ability to read PNG and TIFF (possibly 
floating-point TIFF; GeoTIFF not required); ability to send PNG, JPEG 
and maybe PNG; ability to read geographic CRS (EPSG:4326).

I think this means Mapserv, PROJ4 and GD are all I need.  If you think 
I'm missing something, let me know!

Jeff DLB

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