[FWTools] ogr2ogr: shapefile to postgis SRID problem

Frans Knibbe frans at geodan.nl
Fri Nov 4 03:28:17 EST 2005

Hello list,

I have installed FWTools 1.0.0a5 and I am using ogr2ogr to load data 
from shapefile to PostGIS (PostgreSQL 8.0.3). I am using a command like 

ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL -a_srs EPSG:28992 PG:"host=<hostname> user=<user> 
dbname=<database_name>" E:\data\gem2003.shp

The data are loaded in the database but the SRS is not set correctly: a 
SRID of 32768 is assigned to the geometries. Since I (yet) don't know 
how to correct this in PostGIS I would like to know how  ogr2ogr can be 
persuaded to write the right EPSG code to PostGIS.


Frans Knibbe

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