[FWTools] tiff to jp2ecw

Mark Overmeer mark at overmeer.net
Fri May 26 11:30:49 EDT 2006


I am translating a geotiff into jpeg2000/ecw using gdal_translate in
FWTools 1.0.0a7 linux.

The command I try is this:

   gdal_translate input.tif -of JP2ECW -ot Byte -co TARGET=0 output.jp2

However... there are two problems:
 (1) the input.tif (geotiff) contains 6 images, created with
       geotifcp [123456].tif input.tif
     however, the resulting output.jp2 contains only one

 (2) "gdalinfo output.jp2" says:
       Driver: JP2KAK/JPEG-2000 (based on Kakadu)
     where I expected JP2ECW

Any help is welcome.

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