[FWTools] BuildOverviews c# FWTools2.0.4

Luiz Motta luizmottanet at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 28 11:27:23 EST 2007

I run the example for C#:

The method Dataset.BuildOverviews(string resampling, int[] overviewlist)
make exception: "Attempt to dereference null GDALProgressFunc".
In the FWTools 2.0.0. this method run perfect.

The other methods is
BuildOverviews(string resampling,
               int overviewlist,
               System.IntPtr pOverviews,
               OSGeo.GDAL.SWIGTYPE_p_GDALProgressFunc callback,
               OSGeo.GDAL.SWIGTYPE_p_void callback_data)

How use this argument:
OSGeo.GDAL.SWIGTYPE_p_GDALProgressFunc - pointer to function in C/C++
OSGeo.GDAL.SWIGTYPE_p_void  - pointer to data void in C/C++

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