[FWTools] Overviews using TIFF? TIFF size error ... Need BIGTiff?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Aug 18 11:08:37 EDT 2008

On 8/16/08, Lance Dyas <lancelot at inetnebr.com> wrote:
> Something I probably failed to mention these are external Overviews
>  built associated with a VRT...( ie the original format doesnt support
>  the construction of pyramids ) there doesnt seem to be a reason
>  not to assume a BigTiff
>  Lance Dyas wrote:


Well, the GDAL approach is to only use BIGTIFF where it is
believed to be needed, or has been specifically requested by
the user via a creation option since BigTIFF files are unlikely
to be supported by other software packages for some time.

I *suspect* the "base level" of your overview is less than
4GB, but the additional levels are pushing it over.  An
unfortunate situation that is hard to establish at creation
time.  There is no way to create the BIGTIFF=YES creation
option to the overview generation code currently.  It might
make sense to have the overview file creation code create
BIGTIFF files if the base level is over 2GB or so to ensure there
will be room for many overviews.

Perhaps you could file a ticket on this?

I can't think of an easy work around with existing binaries.

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