[FWTools] Mapserver 5.2 for Linux

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Aug 25 11:43:52 EDT 2008

Neil Best wrote:
> Frank, what are the prospects for building Linux FWTools with the new 
> Mapserver stable release?  If it's not in the offing, what can you say 
> about the 5.1-dev version that you are currently shipping in terms of 
> stability and whether or not the code for RFC 43 (Direct tile generation 
> for Google Maps and Virtual Earth API) is built in.  I am running the 
> current FWT release in my production environment so I will try to 
> exercise the gmap mode as soon as I can but if you can shed some light 
> that would be great.  Thanks.


I'm vaguely under the impression that the last FWTools for linux
predated the work on the direct tile generation api.  A test at your
end could likely verify that.

I'm not currently producing FWTools for Linux due to some damage to
my Linux FWTools build environment which would likely take a number of
hours to resolve.  It is rather unlikely producing new releases will be
a priority for me before October.

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