[FWTools] Problems Reading ESRI hdr (.bil) , .dem and .flt Formats

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Aug 25 16:08:00 EDT 2008

Travis Kirstine wrote:
> I have had some issues with GDAL reading reading several formats
> including ESRI hdr .bil files, USGS .dem files and floating point
> raster .flt formats.  I have noticed that my older versions of GDAL
> (1.0.06a) have no problems reading the files but the newest versions
> (1.6.0dev) have difficulty


I believe the difference is related to the default rules in the BIL
driver for deciding if a dataset is floating point or integer.  For
instance, I think now 32 bit BIL files are assumed to be integer unless
they have the PIXELTYPE keyword with the value FLOAT.  In the past I think
32bit BIL files were assumed to be floating point.

I think you would need to provide additional information on the USGS DEM
problems (perhaps via a ticket) as I'm not aware of any obvious changes
in that driver likely to result in degraded performance.

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