[FWTools] fwtools and python 2.5, what's needed?

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Tue Feb 12 13:16:42 EST 2008

> Is it primarily gdal/ogr scripting that you wish you could do with ipython?
> If so, that could be accomodated by OSGeo4W fairly easily.

Yes scripting is my primary use. I'm intending to move to ipython as my 
primary command line shell, because it so nicely remembers everything 
I've done and makes it easy to reuse later.

> If you also feel a need to do python scripting for OpenEV that would
> be harder.  :-)

I see Sujoy has been making progress in this area, which I'm sure will 
be applauded by many. My main use of openev is as a quick image browser 
and exporting an area of interest. I have other routes to do the same so 
could live without openev for a time if needed. I'll try OSGeo4w and see 
  how it goes. Thanks for the tip.

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