[FWTools] Which version of NetCDF?

Kolberg Sjur A Sjur.A.Kolberg at sintef.no
Thu Mar 6 03:21:34 EST 2008

Hello folks,
I am using both the NetCDF library and the fwtools dlls in an application, and would like to tidy up a bit.
Is it correct that the netcdf.dll that comes with fwtools is the one from Unidata (binary or source)?
Which version is it?
If built from NetCDF source - are there any special requirements to get this working with gdal / fwtools?
Does netcdf.dll include the NetCDF C++ library, or is netcdfdataset built upon the C interface only?
Is fwtools likely to work if I replace the supplied netcdf.dll with a newer version (including the C++ interface), or should I then also compile my own GDAL and proj?
Regards, and thanks :-)

Sjur Kolberg
SINTEF Energiforskning A/S
Sem Sælands vei 11
7465 Trondheim
tlf. 73 59 72 78
fax  73 59 72 50 

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