[FWTools] python version

Stefan Muthers stefan.muthers at zamg.ac.at
Wed Oct 8 10:46:58 EDT 2008

Hello Frank,

Frank Warmerdam schrieb:
> Stefan Muthers wrote:
>> why is the python package of the current fwtools (2.2.6) so outdated?
> It is outdated because my technique for producing FWTools included
> minimally changing components that worked adequately for my purposes
> over time.  FWTools has been produced for over half a decade and some
> aspects remain the same as when I started.  In particular it is hard to
> update Python as it requires me to upgrade all the Python bindings
> components for GTK1 which is ... hard.


>> I am trying to use python shapely[1] with fwtools, but python 2.3.4 is 
>> to old for this lib.
> I think this is impractical.  I would suggest building from source or
> using some binaries with a newer Python (perhaps OSGeo4W if you are on
> windows).

I will have a look at OSGeo4W, never heard of it before.

thank you

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