[FWTools] gdal_translate

Naresh Pai npai at uark.edu
Mon Aug 10 14:18:49 EST 2009

  I am developing a geospatial tool in matlab. While running this tool, the
user will have access to a grid file developed by ArcGIS ( *.adf) developed
from another program. However, since I am developing the tool in Matlab
(which can read geotiff), I need to convert the .adf file to .tif file.
   One of the methods I am considering is to use the gdal_translate
function. I downloaded the FWTools (2.4.2) and to start with, I used the
OpenEV program to open the .aux file attached with the *.adf file. However
when I tried to export using (File -> export), I get an error message saying
that it is unable to create this tif file.
   Eventually I would like to fire up the gdal_translate.exe from within
Matlab to convert the grid to tif. I have uploaded the grid file to the
following link.


I would appreciate any suggestions/comments as I troubleshoot this problem.

Thank you.

Naresh Pai
PhD Student
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
203 Engineering Hall
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701

naresh.pai at gmail.com
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