[FWTools] GDAL hanging under Windows 2008 Server

Stephen Wealands steve at wealands.net
Thu Feb 12 01:09:34 EST 2009

I'm using GDAL via the SharpMap mapping engine.  It makes use of the csharp
wrappers to render imagery (in my case, ECW) to an image control on a web
page.  I am currently running it under Windows 2008 Server.
My problem is that I am finding that the gdal library is intermittently
hanging when being requested for imagery.  I have got a log from
ProcessMonitor here
(http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pnbsLIAZM8M_34TfXUVttcA) that shows
where it occurs and thought someone here might be able to suggest what could
be causing the problem.  
Rows 1-40 show a successful map creation operation (including display of ECW
image).  Row 41 onwards shows what happens when the image is panned and gdal
hangs.  Seems to be associated with 'gdalplugins', but I'm not sure what
this is.  Row 64 is the line where it crashed.  Row 65 is the start of where
I recycled the web app to get it back from hanging.  
Note that this runs fine much of the time and has never crashed when I am
only displaying shapefiles.  However, when displaying raster images as well,
this occasionally crashes and therefore gdal must be the involved somehow.  
Any ideas?
Thanks, Stephen
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