[FWTools] lti_dsdk_dll.dll versions?

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The MSVC2008 packages available at http://vbkto.dyndns.org/sdk/ are compiled

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2010/9/27 <jkenneally at cartenav.com>

> Hello,
> We've run into an issue with one of the fw_tools dependencies, namely
> "lti_dsdk_dll.dll".  Our application uses both the latest Global Mapper SDK,
> and the latest FW_Tools binaries.  A recent release of Global Mapper (which
> we require for new functionality it introduces) has updated to use a new
> version of lti_dsdk_dll.dll that doesnt seem to be backwards compatible with
> the version used in fw_tools.
> If I try to run with the older version ( of "lti_dsdk_dll.dll"
> that fw_tools/GDAL depends on, I am getting the following error from (I
> believe )the new Global Mapper SDK at runtime: "The procedure entry point
> ??4LTIPixel at LizardTech@@QAEAAV01@@Z could not be located in the dynamic
> link library lti_dsk_dll.dll"
> So I figured just updating to the new lti_dsdk_dll.dll version from the
> Global Mapper sdk would satisfy both Global Mapper and fw_tools. However,
> running with the newer version ( of lti_dsdk_dll.dll gives the
> following error (I believe from fw_tools): "The procedure entry point
> ?getHeight at LTIImage@LizardTech@@QBEIXZ" could not be located in the
> dynamic link library lti_dsk_dll.dll"
> Having not worked directly with the Geo DSDK libraries, I'm assuming the
> new "lti_dsdk_dll.dll" introduced functions global mapper depends on, while
> dropping functions that gdal depends on.  (I've inquired with LizardTech to
> verify this).
> So my question is, if/when we could expect new fw_tools binaries for the
> windows platform that have been updated to use the latest version of
> lti_dsdk_dll.dll.  Having Global Mapper and FW_Tools both using the same
> version would be great!
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