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Thanks for the help.  I tracked down two issues with the mapfile and the old
relative paths I was using.  However there is one message in the apache
error logs that I haven't been able to track down.  The application is
failing to execute the saveImage() function in tile.php.  The error log


Call to a member function saveImage() on a non-object in .....\\tile.php on
line 203, referrer: http://....index.html


So somewhere an object in mapscript is not getting set properly.  This may
be another issue with the config file and the location of my mapfile (within
an outside directory).  It looks like the $oImg object is not getting set?
I'm not quite sure where this error is coming from but thanks for your help.
Let me know if you have any ideas.





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Hi Todd,


In using Apache 1.3.x, i never experimented any httpd nor php_mod crashes in
running kamap, mapserver, tomcat or, mainly, lots of others special web/erp
applications servers over the years (linux, mac os x) and i can't figure me
how this could be possible as long as Apache don't handle by him-self all
the rpc tasks he just redirect to the apps and db back-ends trough sockets.


I would firstly suspect a php/mapscript misconfiguration in your
installation if you can confirm the problem.


About IE, as long as it just send a form, i don't think that this browser
can be responsible of the crash.


Did you have a look at the /var/log/httpd/... access and error log files ?


Hope this can help,


Best Regards, Pierre



Le 16 déc. 05 à 20:46, Brenningmeyer, Todd M. a écrit :

I've noticed a couple of additional things with the ka-map issues I emailed
about before...   It looks like the apache crash is more of an IE issue than
an apache problem.  The map doesn't appear to crash when I use Mozilla.
So...has anyone run into this?  It looks like there were a few emails in the
archive related to IE issues with ka-map but none that I've found mention
apache crashing.  Is this addressed in the more recent versions of ka-map?  







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I'm new to ka-map but I've been using mapserver for a while now.  I've been
trying to get ka-map configured on my machine but have run into a few snags.
I'm currently running mapserver 4.8 beta 2, with php 5.1.1,  apache  2.0.55
etc.  and am getting some strange results with ka-map (on windows, I haven't
tried it on linux).  The application crashes apache every time I use it.  I
was able to precache the tiles and that seemed to help things but I was
wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and if you were able to
resolve these.  I'm currently running kamap-0.1.1.  It seems to work a bit
better with the gmap dataset and configuration than with my current data
which I've placed in other locations.  I am able to bring up the tiles I
built but it still crashes (on both my data and on the standard gmap


I originally tried this version of ka-map with an older setup (mapserver 4.4
with apache 1.3 and mapscript 4.4) also with the same apache crash error
(runtime error in apache.exe etc.).  I upgraded to the most recent versions
of mapscript and mapserver in the hopes that this would fix the crash but so
far no luck.


Any help is appreciated.






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