[ka-Map-users] Documentation? Wiki? New versions?

Reuven Levitt reuven at levitt.net
Sat Dec 17 05:28:05 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,
  I am not one of the Ka-Maps developers, but am active on several other  open source projects. I have used Ka-Maps, and feel that it is an  amazing project, and a lot of hard work has clearly been put into  it.  
  I would like to make a small suggestion that may push the Ka-Map  project forward tremendously.  One of the biggest shortcomings of  many open source projects, and therefore the limitation on people  adopting and using the product is documentation.  Unfortunately  Ka-Maps is no exception.  There is very very little documentation,  no Wiki available to add documentation too and no FAQ.  In reality  writing a simple documentation that outlines the functions available  would take a lead developer only a couple of hours of work, and would  then provide a good seed for growth to allow other developers to help  push the project forward.
  Hope this comment is taken in the light it is intended, as constructive criticism.
  Thanks for all the hard work,
  Great job on a fantastic product,
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