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Adam Ratcliffe Adam.Ratcliffe at geosmart.co.nz
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Hi Chris

Thanks for the recommendations. What would be the preferred method of generating the map tiles, the precache.php script distributed with ka-Mapk, or is there a more efficient approach?


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The great thing about precaching the tiles in Ka-map is that you
essentially separate the map server entirely from the web server. The
overhead in generating any sort of map on the fly from the traditional
web GIS would, at a guess, account for 90% of the time it takes to view
the image. Precaching puts the overhead squarely at your web server /
system configuration and the time it takes to parse the php and retrieve
the static image tile.


Because of this, hunt around for some generic web server benchmarks to
give you some idea of the throughputs of various web servers for your
configuration. Remember of course that kamap has a dependency on php so
you will need to factor this in.


Once you have narrowed down possible combinations of os/web
server/tweaking you can start looking at theoretical load on your dual
xeon. You may also need to clarify "1000 concurrent users" in terms of
actual requests per second in order to be meaningful for a benchmark.
Sounds like you are looking at a very high load, so precaching would
almost be a must.


Hope this helps,






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We've developed a location-based services solution that uses a
commercial map server, java-based middleware for searching our streets
and points of interest database, and a javascript client-side API for
map presentation and interactivity.

The maps are currently served as single raster tiles, unfortunately
we've run into performance issues with the map server software - on a
dual xeon server we can achieve a maximum throughput of only about 80
maps / minute. As you might imagine scaling out this solution would be
prohibitively expensive.

We'd like to explore using a raster tile based approach and ka-Map looks
like a great fit.

I'm interested in getting a rough idea of what kind of hardware/software
configuration we would need to support a ka-Map site with the following

- Up to 1000 concurrent users
- Map data in vector format in an Oracle Spatial database and consisting
of street level and point of interest data for the entire New Zealand
- Responsive map panning and zooming (presumably pre-caching the image
tiles would be a good idea)

Any comments much appreciated.

Kind regards
Adam Ratcliffe

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