[ka-Map-users] Clipping of street names

John Clegg john.kamap at projectx.co.nz
Mon Oct 17 17:56:50 EDT 2005


We have been playing with kamaps and we have hit a glitch on printing 
street names on the map. It seems that kamaps or mapserver (we are not 
sure which is giving us problems) is clipping place names at the tile 
joins. The strange thing is that it doesn't occur in every instance.
Rendering the map directly from map server works fine.

Here is an example of what I talking about. At the URL below is 
In this example, "Hawkestone Street" is clipped at one of the tile joins.

The two tiles that are affected are:
Tile 1:

Tile 2:

Does anyone have any suggestions or clues as to why is this happening.

Thanks for your help.



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