[ka-Map-users] Using ka-Map with things that aren't maps (GraphViz)

Andrew Mason andrew at pandamouth.org
Fri Sep 9 14:44:03 EDT 2005

Hi folks,

I use a program called GraphViz (www.graphviz.org) to dynamically  
generate flowchart pngs using php and GD.  You can see an example  
here:  http://policytree.org/tree.php?root=1&active=1

As is obvious in the example, the flowcharts are often too big to fit  
on the screen.  This will become a more serious problem as the site  
grows.  The "dragging" functionality that kaMap provides is a near  
necessity for this site to be useful, so I'm interested in finding a  
way to adapt kaMap and graphviz so they work together.  Graphviz has  
a more basic version of this already, which can be seen here: http:// 
www.graphviz.org/webdot/graphquest.html but it isn't really that  

Is this something that can be done with kaMap?  Will it require  
changes in the code for either kaMap or Graphviz, or should I be able  
to find a way to intergrate the two?  If so, can you point me in the  
right direction?


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