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ramesh karra karrarm at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 7 18:56:36 EDT 2006

I do not see the ToolTip when used in function
myMapClicked() in startUp.js.

But, just as test, I used setTooltip() as follows

<img id="refToggler" onclick="setTooltip();"
onDoubleClick="toggleReference(this);" alt="toggle
reference" src="images/a_pixel.gif">

in index.html and it worked!
Do I need to do anything more for it to work in


--- Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com> wrote:

> Some improvements:
> Now you can use the function moveGeo(x,y) to center
> the tooltip with  
> Geo coords.
> You can play with the interface switching between
> geo coords and  
> pixel space.
> You can drag the map and tooltip will re-center
> automatically. This  
> feature is not perfect but works.
> Hope to offer something cleaner soon.
> Paul, I've tried to work with objectGeo but I have
> the problem to  
> avoid viewport to catch events. With objectGeo you
> loose the option  
> to make the text selectable and click on links. With
> some more  
> fantasy it would be nice to use tooltips with forms
> inside or maybe  
> something more... (media?!?)
> how to:
> everything is in CVS.
> if something is missing, please comment
> ciao
> Lorenzo
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