[ka-Map-users] kaMap - resource hogger?

ramesh karra karrarm at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 01:53:49 EDT 2006


I have installed mapserver and kaMap on my laptop(IBM
T42 with Intel pentium 1.7GHz and 512MB RAM) after
loading my map and using it for some time, the system
becomes very slow(especially Microsoft Outlook). When
I closed my browser, system recovered and the Outlook
was back to normal.

I am assuming this is related to kaMap and not
mapserver because mapserver is running all the time,
even when the browser is closed. Ofcourse, it still
possible that the mapserver is hogging resources when
kaMap is active and not when it is gone.

Are there any known resource hogging issues with kaMap
or  mapserver?


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