[ka-Map-users] scalebar strange behavior

Sacha Black sacha.black at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 21:40:12 EST 2006

i'm testing ka-map in ms4w. i noticed a strange behavior in the scalebar
when it is set in "english" units.

i have a series of set scales ranging from 1:5,000,000 to 1:5,000.

when zooming in, the ka-map scalebar switches the units displayed from
"miles" to "feet" when the scale hits 1:50,000. The units of feet should
suffice for all the other zoom levels available ( down to 1:5,000).

however for some reason the scalebar switches to units of "inches" at the
scale of 1:24,000, then switches back to "feet" when zooming-in further ....

unfortunately my app is not web accessible at this point, but my set-up is
pretty much stock ms4w 2.2 with kamap 1.0.b1

any ideas what is going on?

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