[ka-Map-users] Question about a kamap setup I'm about to do

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Feb 27 12:08:29 EST 2006


one of the issues that may be affecting you is the size of the  
'metatile' that is being created.  MapServer ends up drawing a much  
larger map that it normally would be asked to.  This has some  
definite implications for your configuration.  You can try reducing  
the tile size and/or reducing the number of tiles in a metatile to  
get the combined size down to something that mapserver can produce in  
a reasonable time.  For instance, try tile sizes of 200 x 200 and  
either 4x4 metaWidth/metaHeight and see if you get a bit more out of  
your dev server.  Note that is a pretty good machine for this type of  
stuff so I am a bit suprised.  Have you tried benchmarking  
performance with just mapserv cgi on that mapfile?  We've tried to  
keep the tile.php pretty lean but there could still be room for  



On 27-Feb-06, at 11:16 AM, Clark Endrizzi wrote:

> Hi all.
> I'm using KaMap to do some pretty intensive stuff, namely just very  
> large maps with a lot of labels and raster image layers.  My  
> development server, a pentium 4 3ghz, is pretty much dying trying  
> to produce the maps and while our production server (dual dual-core  
> optersons) is much faster but it also gets hit a lot harder (I was  
> going to have the production server be the mapping server too but  
> seeing how intensive this stuff is I'm reconsidering).   So I was  
> considering a dedicated mapserver (dual opteron), which would serve  
> both as our new development server and the mapping server to  
> provide our production server with the maps.  Currently I'm looking  
> at WMS as the connectivity, is that the best option?  The two  
> servers will be connected on a private lan so if there is a better  
> option let me know.
> Thanks in advance.  I'm only asking here because I imagine some of  
> you may have run into the same issues and since this all revolves  
> around getting kamap serving maps fast I wanted your input the most.
> -- 
> Clark Endrizzi
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