[ka-Map-users] JavaScript scalebar

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Jan 4 13:41:26 EST 2006


this is very nice!  Would you be amenable to me putting this in ka- 
map cvs?  I've been thinking about replacing the existing scalebar  
for some time because it is soooo ugly!



On 4-Jan-06, at 1:23 PM, Tim Schaub wrote:

> Hi All-
> I've packaged up a client side scalebar that I think will be useful  
> for
> ka-map.  You can play with configuring it here:
> http://mapserver.commenspace.org/tools/scalebar/
> Features:
> - styled by CSS
> - simple configuration with javascript
> - tries very hard to display nice looking numbers
> - works for a wide range of scales
> - English & Metric
> I had planned on tying it in to ka-map next week, but I heard  
> rumblings
> of a release, so I thought I'd see if anybody else wanted to take a
> swing at it.  I'm happy to do any tweaks that would make it easier.  I
> think the page above should be enough to figure it out, but if any
> documentation or example usage is needed, I can put something  
> together.
> This has been tested in Firefox, IE, Netscape, Opera, and somewhat on
> Safari (through iCapture).  One known limitation is that Opera users
> always get the default style (no support for Document.StyleSheets
> property).  I'm interested to get feedback from any other browsers.
> If you find it useful, let me know if there is anything I can do to  
> get
> it in the next release.
> Tim Schaub
> CommEn Space <http://www.commenspace.org>
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