[ka-Map-users] New ka-Map sample application

Pedro Garcia pedro.gspace at gmail.com
Tue May 16 16:01:13 EDT 2006

Hey guys,

I'm sending this message to introduce you the new online
ka-Map application.

This is just a demo application. Basically, the only difference
is the data (images and vectors), and a few customization
of the interface.

The real project is much bigger than this demo. Our project
consists in a time-comparative aerial image viewer, which
you can select images with different dates (1969, 1998 and
2003), and compare them. The official version will have more
dates, and a more extensive area, and more features to
improove the navigability.

Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated. If you
find a bug, please report here in the list. The link is:


PS.: If you click with the query tool in the airplane icon,
you will see a window with a small panoramic photo.
Then, clicking in the floppy disk (on the top of this window)
you can see this photo in a higher resolution.


  Pedro Simonetti Garcia
  Software Engineering
  Hiparc Geoteclogogia (www.hiparc.com.br)
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