[ka-Map-users] New ka-Map sample application

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Tue May 16 19:05:24 EDT 2006

Looks very nice and slick. I like the pictures.
But in IE I get an error:
Line 2, character 84361: object expected
Fortunately my editor shows character positions (phew.....) This is the
statement at line 143 of startUp.js:
oSelect[j++] = opt;
It seems you removed the map selector combobox, but you left the
javascript that accesses it. So you just have to do some careful
Just out of curiosity, how many people on the list actually make use of
this combobox? If people need to select a different map, could it not be
a simple combobox pointing to another URL? The only difference would be
that the page reloads.....


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	Hey guys,
	I'm sending this message to introduce you the new online 
	ka-Map application.
	This is just a demo application. Basically, the only difference
	is the data (images and vectors), and a few customization 
	of the interface.
	The real project is much bigger than this demo. Our project
	consists in a time-comparative aerial image viewer, which
	you can select images with different dates (1969, 1998 and 
	2003), and compare them. The official version will have more 
	dates, and a more extensive area, and more features to
	improove the navigability.
	Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated. If you
	find a bug, please report here in the list. The link is:
	PS.: If you click with the query tool in the airplane icon,
	you will see a window with a small panoramic photo.
	Then, clicking in the floppy disk (on the top of this window) 
	you can see this photo in a higher resolution.
	  Pedro Simonetti Garcia
	  Software Engineering 
	  Hiparc Geoteclogogia (www.hiparc.com.br)

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