[ka-Map-users] New ka-Map sample application

Pedro Garcia pedro.gspace at gmail.com
Wed May 17 13:57:09 EDT 2006


Thank you for the feedback. And for the solution of the problem
too, of course! I will solve this problem as soon as possible.

What is the version of your IE. I'm using IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.5,
and they work fine. I saw a problem occurring in Firefox 1.0, but
I don't have this version to reproduce it. But your directions were
very clear, and and know where exactly to change the code.

I didn't use the combobox because I have only 1 map. But, as
Paul told in a recent post, the original "index.html" is just a
sample application to show how it works, and how to begin
a development in ka-Map. It can be useless for a final
application, but it is useful for a demostration tool.

In 2 weeks I will publish some changes in the interace
of Veracidade project, and if you or anyone find more bugs,
i will appreciate to know, so I can fix it before this date.

my best regards,

  Pedro Simonetti Garcia
  Software Engineering
  Hiparc Geoteclogogia (www.hiparc.com.br)

2006/5/16, Delfos, Jacob <Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com>:
>  Looks very nice and slick. I like the pictures.
> But in IE I get an error:
> Line 2, character 84361: object expected
> Fortunately my editor shows character positions (phew.....) This is the
> statement at line 143 of startUp.js:
> oSelect[j++] = opt;
> It seems you removed the map selector combobox, but you left the
> javascript that accesses it. So you just have to do some careful
> deleting.....
> Just out of curiosity, how many people on the list actually make use of
> this combobox? If people need to select a different map, could it not be a
> simple combobox pointing to another URL? The only difference would be that
> the page reloads.....
> regards,
> Jacob
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> Hey guys,
> I'm sending this message to introduce you the new online
> ka-Map application.
> This is just a demo application. Basically, the only difference
> is the data (images and vectors), and a few customization
> of the interface.
> The real project is much bigger than this demo. Our project
> consists in a time-comparative aerial image viewer, which
> you can select images with different dates (1969, 1998 and
> 2003), and compare them. The official version will have more
> dates, and a more extensive area, and more features to
> improove the navigability.
> Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated. If you
> find a bug, please report here in the list. The link is:
> http://www.hipparc.com.br/veracidade
> PS.: If you click with the query tool in the airplane icon,
> you will see a window with a small panoramic photo.
> Then, clicking in the floppy disk (on the top of this window)
> you can see this photo in a higher resolution.
> regards,
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>   Pedro Simonetti Garcia
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>   Software Engineering
>   Hiparc Geoteclogogia (www.hiparc.com.br)
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