[ka-Map-users] XMLOverlay Multiple Items at Same Point

Ghulam Muqtada muqtada at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 18 14:53:14 EDT 2006

I am stuck with thing in Ka XmlOverlay, I have a php file that generates Xml points , this is fucntion that create points
 function getCoordinates($i,$scale,$node_name,$x,$y) {
$str="";$str.=" var my_point$i = myXmlOverlay.addNewPoint('$node_name',$x,$y);"." var my_label$i= new kaXmlLabel();"." var my_icon$i= new kaXmlIcon();"." my_label$i.text='$node_name';"." my_label$i.boxcolor=\"#ff0000\";"." my_label$i. h=\"10\";"." my_label$i. w=\"50\";"." my_label$i.font=\"Arial\";"." my_label$i.color=\"#000000\";"." my_label$i.xoff=\"5\";"." my_label$i.yoff=\"5\";"." my_icon$i.icon_w=\"20\";"." my_icon$i.icon_h=\"41\";"." my_icon$i.icon_src=\"images/scar75.gif\";"." my_icon$i.draw(my_point$i);"." my_label$i.draw(my_point$i);";
return $str;}
may  I call this class say "XmlPoints.php" in setInterval so that i can get fresh values ?
becuase myXmlOverlay.loadXml() doesnot work here, since it needs some document that has <overlay></overlay> type stuff
any help will be really appreciable

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 18:15:45 +0200From: pg.navone at gmail.comTo: wayne at datalinktech.com.auSubject: Re: [ka-Map-users] XMLOverlay Multiple Items at Same PointCC: ka-map-users at lists.maptools.orgUnfortunately the disk of my server crashed in August and I have not yet reinstalled the public demo.Sorry.
2006/10/18, Wei Yang, Ng - Wayne < wayne at datalinktech.com.au>:
Hi Jeff,   You must be referring to a point collision system for kaXmlOverlay. The good news is that I have implemented such a feature forkaXmlOverlay.js about 2 months ago. This feature works inMozilla/IE/Opera and should work with others too. The bad news is that Ihave yet to merge it with the current release of ka-map in cvs due to other commitments and deadlines. Do let me know if you would like a copyof my source code and an explanation on how it works. I am currentlyusing the overlib javascript library for point popups. These popupsallow me to list the items within collision points.Hi Pg,  I should get cracking on merging my stuff with yours. Do you have anexisting ka-map demo setup so that we may demonstrate point collision?Cheers,Wayne
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