[ka-Map-users] Future of ka-map?

Alessio Di Lorenzo alessio.dilorenzo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 09:23:08 EST 2007

Hi Roman,

I share your own worries about the developing of new ka-map versions 
(and interfaces). While similar project (but, imho, less 
interesting...), like pmapper, are continuing to release new versions, 
ka-map appear to be freezed to the 1.0 by months...

I'm quite sure there's a good reason. Ka-map is for me, actually, the 
best mapserver php-mapscript framework. Fore example, nore of the other 
frameworks I saw, even if using ajax, offers to the users the 
possibility to navigate a map "continuosly" like in google maps (open 
layers gives this possibility... but ol is another thing...) and it is a 
very appreciated possibility by the end-users. I know it for sure...

Some months ago I read something about the idea to merge OL and Ka-map, 
but at the moment I have no new information about (my fault). In the 
last days I read also something about the integration of routing 
functionalities thanks to pgroute, but I don't know if this could be 
related with the releasing of new ka-map versions.


Roman Meier ha scritto:
> Hi list
> I developed a prototype based on ka-map about one year ago. At that time I was
> very much convinced that ka-map is a great product with a great future. I’m not
> that sure again.
> A few days ago I did some research on ka-map and I’m a little bit worried about
> the future of ka-map. It seams, that ka-map is not developed again. Since
> almost one year we still have the same first release. I also found some info
> about the merge of openlayers and ka-map.
> Some days ago, a client asked me, if I could do some changes to the prototype I
> developed. Before I do that, I must know, if the ka-map project has come to an
> end or not. Should I better switch to another similar project?
> Thanks in advance for your opinion!
> Roman
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