[ka-Map-users] Raster query with hilite / hilight

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Sat Jun 23 10:44:47 EDT 2007

Hi Sam,

> What I need to do is first, be able to query the map to get the pixel 
> value
> of the point clicked...

this should be already supported by query system.

> then, I would like any pixel in the map with the same value to be 
> hilighted. 
this is much more complicated.
I would solve this with dynamic layer generation but it's not that easy.
I've started writing a dLayer system to make this kind of things easier 
but I've never finished due to other priorities.
If you're good with JS, php and Mapscript you can have a look to hilite 
, wps, kaRouting tools. They use the same principle but they are not 
simple scripts and there's no documentation. You'll need to do a good 
dive in the code.


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