[ka-Map-users] Hilite query

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Mar 28 16:16:19 EST 2007

> I have almost understood it. Definetly I am going to intregate it on
> kaExplorer, but i have a question.
> When the script generates a new layer (the query layer), can i do 
> something
> to it to see what is under it? because after a query, I just see the 
> polygon
> of the query, but nothing else.
> I know that the other layer is under it, and it seems that the query layer
> fill everthing in white, so i cant see anything more than the polygon's
> query.
Ohh, should not do like that!

our live example use transparency on that layer.

pay attention not to overwrite PNG8 or GIF output.
Jpeg cannot be transparent (no alpha channel).

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