[ka-Map-users] Hilite query

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Mar 28 17:08:51 EST 2007

> Thanks. I did it just 1 hour before you answered me hehe.
> The problem was in my map file, i was using JPEG format.


> Finally i am using hilite with kaExplorer, but  maybe i have to clean a
> little bit the code.

good job.
I'm sure the code is not clean. There are some features( like this, 
kaRouting, ecc.) that me and Andrea developed just for game and we left 
many dirty stuff.

> It was a little bit easy, i just changed the part of the code in
> queryManager.js that show the output using the XML stuff(after the new 
> layer
> have been created), and I put a call to map_query_float.php.

right, that's it.
If you can contribute your changes, I'll be pleased and merge them in 
the CVS.
If you have time to clean up, I'll be pleased to support with directives 
and code checking.
Should be good to start a new report on bugzilla and pass the thread to 
ka-map-dev mailing list.
> My project is a map with the buildings and streets of a city, and 
> after you
> query into a building, you obtain a 3d view of the building, and then you
> can choose a floor of it, and see the 3d view of that specific floor.
> It is almost done, i hope i could show it to you soon.

cool, let us know.

> By the way, is it possible to set the part of kaexplorer where the 
> output of
> a query or a search is show to be resizable?
> if it is possible i could show a bigger 3d view of the building just 
> if the
> user wants.

It is naturally possible.
The client who asked for kaExplorer didn't asked for such a feature but 
I had it in mind while developing.
I cannot say when I'll do it because I'll be involved in deep rewriting 
of ka-Map and maybe, hopefully, kaExplorer.
Anyway you can force the panel to be larger (maybe you just need CSS 
hacks, but I'll have to check).
> Thank you very much.

thanks to you

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