[ka-Map-users] Using SVG with WMS

Javier Pascual Herranz javier.pascual at radmas.com
Fri Nov 2 08:14:43 EDT 2007

I wonder if it is possible to use in Ka-map SVG with WMS 

The normal use of ka-map is to generate a series of images on the map and
send them to the client, this may reach overloading the network and increase
the time of waiting at the customer (even using Pre-Caching) until the map
shows completely

The use of Vector Graphics Escalables (SVG) together with other technologies
allow send text files (compresed) to the client that represent all the
objects in the map (even the javascript associated) which reduces
CONSIDERABLY the traffic on network and therefore accelerates the load on
the map in the client browser. In the client browser will be available
Javascript code, java, . which interpret this new format and "paint" the map
in the client browser.

I wanted to know if there are projects developed or someone is investigating
on these technologies and there are manuals of help that will allow me to
implant it in my proyect.

Thanks to all!!

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