[ka-Map-users] Precache issue

Fabian Rami fabian.rami at wowcompany.com
Wed Nov 28 09:25:49 EST 2007

Stephen Woodbridge a écrit :
> Fabian Rami wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I use kamap for fleet tracking system.
>> Generating all the tile don't seems to be the perfect way...
>> I want to use Kamap to generate tile around position incomming from 
>> vehicles.
>> Is there a way to ask kamap for generating tile around lat/long 
>> autoaticaly ?
> precache if you read the code is just two loops the iterates over you 
> extents two generate all the tiles. If you have a series of lat/lon 
> values you should be able to hack a version of precache to convert the 
> lat/lon into tile requests around your lat/lon and then iterate over 
> you incoming lat/lon's.
> I did something similar that took a lat/lon and generated the tiles in 
> an bounding box about the lat/lon a couple of years ago, but I don't 
> seem to have the code handy at the moment.
> -Steve W
Thanks for your help :)
How transform long/lat to kamap coord ?

i.e : i have the Long / Lat = 5.12210 /50.53978
In tile.php i see that 0,0 in pixel is 0,0 geographics.
May i use it to convert Long/lat to t51221015053978 ?

I am a newbe in all this coords stuff :p

Thanks again for your Tips :)

Best regards,

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