[ka-Map-users] version 1.1 beta

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Jun 6 14:17:44 EDT 2008

It seems a good idea to me

if you can provide a patch, I can test it and include it


Pēteris Brūns wrote:
> Hi!
> I have small sugestion for kaSearch and query sytem upgrade.
> Problem expalanation:
> If your layers are queryable/searchabe but are not in utf-8 encoding 
> it is problem for end users-nonprogrammers, and is problems if map has 
> multiple queryable/searchable layers with different encodings.
> Sugestion howto solve:
> So my idea is to add one more parameter in metadat block, just like 
> "searcahfield", "queryable" etc (it can be "layerencoding" or 
> something else). The addtitonal parametr will represent layer encoding 
> and it can be used in search, query scripts for iconv to convert:
> - non utf-8 data output to utf-8 (usable in search and query scripts 
> output)
> - utf-8 input to my encoding (in search script input).
> Often queryable layers are labeled but I'm not shure that it is 
> possible to get layer label encoding from label block with php-mapscript.
> Thanks,
> pb
> Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>> thanks to the precious makefile by Paul, it was easier then what 
>> expected.
>> this is a minor update to release the bugfixing done this last 12 month.
>> changes:
>> - added AGG  support
>> - updated kaExplorer
>> - updated kaSearch (patches by: Kuros, Lucian Bancescu
>> - horizontal zoomer (by: David Badke)
>> - precache with wget (by: Daniel Muller)
>> - added presentations for the workshops of this year (English and 
>> Spanish versions)
>> - fixed many bugs (thanks to all submitters!)
>> packages:
>> http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org/release/
>> I've tested only the tar.gz and the zipped file with Linux.
>> I have no windows with me and hope somebody can check if the MS4W 
>> package works.
>> the BETA state is due to the package status, mainly MS4W, because the 
>> code has been used since long in many sites and works fine. If MS4W 
>> works fine too, we'll quickly move to a release soon.
>> ciao
>> Lorenzo
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